February 24, 2016 Comments(0)

    Hong Kong’s Favourite Carnival!

    The Agenda team just wrapped up another season with The AIA Great European Carnival. The event proved once again that it is Hong Kong’s largest and most well attended outdoor event.

    Agenda and its South Central Media design team were responsible for all marketing and advertising, inclusive of multimedia design, media relations and social media. The results we have achieved are nothing short of outstanding.

    We also continued to develop our Community Programs. Over one million dollars (HKD) worth of cash donations and contributions was distributed amongst 13 charity partners from across Hong Kong, with our major charity recipients being Operation Santa Claus, CancerFund and Project WeCan. In addition to charity donations, there were several special charity days arranged along with some special charity events such as ‘ShelterSkelter‘, s ShelterBox charity music festival.

    Our Education Programs also continued to flourish as over 20 schools visited the Carnival, allowing roughly 2000 students to enjoy our unique Carnival-themed educational offerings revolving around Physics, Maths, Business Studies and our always popular Carnival Experience offering.

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