February 8, 2019 Comments(0)

    Integrating ‘STEM’ into a real life run environment at AIA Carnival

    This year “STEM at the AIA Carnival” program was a great success! Over 500 students visited the Carnival where they got to learn about the scientific principles behinds the rides while enjoying a great day out.

    Tesla joined as an official partner of the school program this year and students were given an opportunity to learn about how electric cars run and discussing the benefits of having no emission cars and its environmental benefits.

    To make the program relevant to the curriculum we worked closely with students from the Faculty of Education from Hong Kong University and instructors from Techbob Academy. The AIA Carnival acted as an outdoor classroom for students, but also gave a platform for these young aspiring teachers to develop their skills.

    It is our 5th year of developing the community outreach programs for the Carnival and we were very lucky to be featured in The Standard.

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