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    CASE Asia-Pacific Advancement Conference 2015

    About the Project

    Agenda’s Managing Director Alex Gibbs addressed the Asia Pacific Advancement Conference that was held in Singapore on 14-15 April 2015. The APAC is an annual signature event hosted by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), which brings together the top professionals that work in education, marketing, fundraising and alumni relation sectors. Here is an overview of his presentation.

    In the corporate world, benchmarking and research into your competitors, clients and consumer behaviour is a key skill to survival. In our increasingly competitive educational industry, it’s important that we start doing the same. Run your school like a business, if not you will go out of business.

    How knowledgeable are your parents about the school? What do they care about most? How much of your messages are getting out and being understood? How are you doing compared to other schools?

    Stakeholders (including your students, staff, parents and alumni) play important roles as clients, advocates, donors, partners and agents of change. Learn how one school in Asia (among any others in Australia) are using perception surveys to devise their annual communications plans, engage their parents and galvanise their school communities. The results have been tremendous and have not only created a consistent approach to communications, but have also resulted in an increased amount of funds raised in organisations.

    More Information

    If you would like to hear more about the Stakeholder Perception Surveys offered by Agenda, in partnership with MMG Education, please contact us at info@agconsulting.asia.

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