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    The Great European Carnival


    To provide a greater community purpose for the event while spreading the fun and joy of the carnival back into the community.

    About the Project

    Agenda worked with The Great European Carnival in developing and executing their community engagement programs and live stage.

    Together with schools we organised a range of packaged excursions for primary and secondary students. Younger students were offered a chance to partake in arts and craft activities or learn the art of street performance such as drumming or juggling. For older students, they were given curriculum specific assignments that were related to the carnival. For example, a physics program where they had to work out the mechanics of the rides or a program for students of business studies where they were given a behind the scenes look at the running of a carnival from an operational point of view. At the end of the day students were given some free time to enjoy the park and the rides.

    We also held open days for numerous well-known Hong Kong based charities, giving them one-on-one time with our street performers and offering our live stage for some charities to have dance and drama performances.

    As for the live stage itself we were able to invite a huge variety of entertainment performances to grace our stage. From professional performers to young and upcoming groups there was always something on the stage for the audience to enjoy.

    The Result

    The carnival was able to achieve over 32 million HKD worth of combined earned and bartered media value. As a result a range of stakeholders, to sponsors, to the government were all very pleased with the value that these initiatives brought.

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