April 14, 2016 Comments(0)

    Agenda Consulting Wins Golden Globe Tiger Award for The Great European Carnival

    Representing our long term client The Great European Carnival, we were proud to receive a ‘Golden Globe’ for ‘Best use of Social Media in Marketing’ at the recently held Golden Globe Tiger Awards for Regional Marketing Excellence (Asia).

    During this past year’s event we used social media to great effect, launching a series of competitions, offers and interactive initiatives to target audiences in the 13-39 year old age demographic to complement our mainstream marketing initiatives. Our campaigns, including The Golden Ticket, Phantastique Fridays, Mad Mondays and Love Is In The Fair gained 17 million social media impressions and 1.7 million video views. In addition, we increased the Carnival’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter following by 80% year on year. Well done team – simply outstanding!

    The strategies and campaign were led by our social media guru Dot Lung, who is acclaimed in social media circles globally for her work with large European festivals and with some major US consumer brands. The team also included Floria Wun, Rochelle Bargo, Rebecca Chan and Matthew Yau.

    At Agenda Consulting, we set out to exceed the expectations of our clients and look forward to putting our creative team to work towards more award-winning projects in the future!

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