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    Are your School Stakeholder Perception Surveys effective?

    As the start of the school year nears,is your school starting to prepare your strategy for the upcoming year?

    Stakeholder engagement should be at the forefront of communications and marketing plans for international schools. How do your students, staff and parents feel about your school?

    Top 5 common characteristics of ineffective surveys are:

    – Ambiguous questioning
    – Low participation levels
    – Scepticism around anonymity
    – Inability to benchmark against other like schools
    – Lack of any presentation or insights into the data

    Stakeholder perception surveys are the most effective measure of gaining data and insights from your community and will enable you to identify strengths and areas for strategic improvement.
    Agenda consulting provides School Stakeholder Surveys with our partner MMG Education, the leader in independent school research in Asia with over 12 years of experience and provided surveys for over 200 schools.

    MMG School Survey Video from South Central Media on Vimeo.

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